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Get Your Body Beach Ready

There’s just no way you can think about summer without thinking about the beach.

Whether it’s swimming, surfing, grilling out, or just catching a tan, you’re going to want to be where the shore meets the sand.

Affinity Whole Health wants you to be looking at the top of your game and with these six exercises not only do we make it possible, we make it easy. Trim the fat and enhance your definition as we show you how to get your body “beach ready”.

We recommend three sets of ten repetitions for each exercise with thirty seconds of rest between each set. However, the intensity and duration of all exercises ultimately depends on your individual health and level of comfort.


Get those shorts out of the closet and don’t skip leg day!

Squats are the go-to leg exercise. While front squats target the quadriceps, back squats work the gluteal muscles and hamstrings, and both serve to tighten the core. You can fine-tune your own squats, as a narrow stance will add further challenge to the quadriceps, whereas a wide stance will focus on the glutes and hamstrings.

Feel free to use barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, or even your own body’s resistance. You’ll want to bend at the knees, dipping until your thighs are parallel to the ground or as far as possible without forcing yourself. Be sure to keep your back straight throughout.


A deadlift is effective in targeting so many muscle groups, there’s no wonder it serves as an ideal beach body workout. Strengthening your back and core, its results can also be seen through your hips, legs, and butt.

Aside from cosmetic benefits, deadlifts aid in strengthening the lower back, which can typically be a weak area for most. While approaching a barbell on the ground, grab the bar without bending your legs then dip down at the knees until your shins touch the bar. Rise up through your chest, straightening your back as you go. Be sure to keep your breathing balanced throughout and DO NOT LIFT THROUGH YOUR BACK.


If we’re talking beach bodies then we’re talking about getting ripped and there’s no more surefire way to stack on upper-body muscle than the tried and true bench press.

While a bench set and barbell is ideal, a modified bench press can be done with any flat surface that allows for range of motion with dumbbells or kettle bells substituted for a barbell.

In addition to your pectorals, you’ll also be toning and sculpting your triceps and anterior deltoids. Keep in mind, a level bench will target the center of your chest while an inclined bench works the upper pectorals and a declined bench will target lower pectorals.

Be sure to start off slow and only add weight after you’re sure you can handle it.


No one said these had to be complicated. Sometimes the best methods are the oldest methods.

A classic found everywhere from gym class to basic training, pull-ups serve as the total package in developing back muscles from your “traps” all the way down to your waist.

While any sturdily anchored and elevated bar will serve as the only equipment you’ll need, there are many different variations of pull-ups that will each target different sets of muscles. For instance, the wider your hands are apart the more emphasis you place upon your outer “lats”.

For added resistance try adding weights your weight belt.



We’ve hit your legs, back, and chest, now it’s time to focus on shredding your arms. Not only are dips easy to do, they are the best exercise to sculpt your triceps.

Start off easy by pressing your palms against a weight bench with your legs extended and your feet on the floor. Dip by bending at the elbow. After loosening up, move to a dip bar or any similarly shaped bar that is slightly above the height of your hips.

Keeping your body straight up and down will focus solely on your triceps while leaning forward slightly during your dips will incorporate your pectoral muscles as well. For added resistance, try wearing a weight belt or holding a dumbbell or kettle bell between your feet.

This is only a small sample of the many exercises that you can incorporate into your workout regime to get that beach-ready body you’ve always wanted.

For more tips, be sure to visit our Patient Resource Center and to learn more about fitness aids, including testosterone (supplements/boosters) and B12 injections, be sure to schedule a FREE consultation with Affinity Whole Health today!

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