Want to Live Longer? Enjoy These Anti-Aging Foods!

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Want to Live Longer? Enjoy These Anti-Aging Foods!

It’s no secret that eating healthy foods can lead to a healthier body. But what most people don’t realize is that there are certain foods you can eat that act like anti-aging medicine for the soul and can actually help you live longer. These foods help to lower body fat, lower cholesterol levels, help prevent diabetes and cancer – hey; the list goes on and on.

The older we get, the more changes that occur in our body. At age 40 and over, our metabolism slows down, so we can’t eat the quantities that we used to eat. And the foods we used to crave like fried everything and thick cuts of red meat need to be tempered by foods that will help slow the aging process.

So what are these incredible foods? Let’s start with salmon, and not just any type of salmon, but sockeye salmon to be more specific. This healthy fish is much higher in those Omega-3 fatty acids, and because it’s almost always caught in the wild, it’s higher in oils as well.  Pair it with a side of broccoli sprouts for a huge dose of antioxidants and you’ve got yourself a meal that will reduce inflammation in the body along with reducing cholesterol. Make sure you’re eating the sprouts, rather than just plain broccoli. And almonds are also a great source of Omega-3, so go nuts with this snack!

Other antioxidant foods that help you age slowly and live longer are berries, pomegranates, grapes, dark chocolate and cruciferous veggies, like cauliflower and cabbage.

Can you remember the last time you opened a can of sardines? Most people can’t, and that’s too bad, because sardines are a great source of vitamin B12, and a rich source of vitamin D. Sardines are also packed full of protein and amino acids, and they’re an overall terrific food for health and long life. If you’re a guy, add some oysters, because they’re a great source of zinc, which helps to restore testosterone levels for an increased sex drive and greater muscle mass.

How about tofu? Yum! Use it instead of meat in some of your recipes and you’ll be eating a lot of soy protein, which helps to reduce the LDL cholesterol levels. Yep, that’s the bad cholesterol.

And when it comes to good health, think green.  That’s green as in kale, spinach and Brussels sprouts. Most people turn up their noses at these three foods, but those who eat these carotenoids found in plant foods are 43% less likely to experience macular degeneration.

Everyone should eat tomatoes, but guys in particular need to eat them. That’s because they contain lycopene, which is known to help reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. And adding some garlic, onions, chives and leeks to your tomato sauce will help reduce many types of chronic diseases, including some types of cancers.

What other foods should you have in your bag-of-tricks? Avocados – as they contain NMN (an abbreviation for a technical word called nicotinamide mononucleotide), which actually showed anti-aging, effects in laboratory studies. Other good foods to keep on hand include mushrooms, peanuts and fresh green tea, which all contain niacin (which is really vitamin B3). And any discussion about anti-aging foods must include probiotics like yogurt, kefir and Kim chi.

That’s it for starters.  So get out your shopping list, head for the grocery store and start stocking up on the good foods that’ll not only keep you looking younger, but feeling healthy and living longer as well!

Image Credit: Naotake Murayama | Flickr

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